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Located close to Lavender Food Square, 20F Specialty Coffeehouse officially opened their doors in November 2015. This new cafe in Singapore is easy to spot, given its modern decor amongst the row of old shophouses.

New cafe in Singapore | 20F Specialty Coffeehouse

20F Specialty Coffeehouse

The brew bar is strategically placed right at the door where you can see the barristers hard at work, putting together your next cup of coffee. We were pleasantly surprised to see that the coffee beans used were from Liberty Coffee – one of our favourite coffee roasters in Singapore. The coffee, most certainly did not disappoint.

Singapore Cafe - 20F Specialty Coffeehouse

Flat White Coffee


The Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict wasn’t drenched in your typical hollandaise sauce, but the unique chipotle hollandaise instead. We had differing opinions on this dish; whilst some of us found the chipotle hollandaise a little too strong, the rest of us really enjoyed the jalapeño pepper taste put together with the tender pulled pork.

Singapore Cafes | 20F Specialty Coffee

Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict

20F Specialty Coffee - Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict Closer

Price: $18.00

The Savoury Waffles had everything that we wanted; creamy scrambled eggs and crispy addictive waffle, topped with two strips of yummy bacon. All 3 items on this dish were well prepared and put together, was the perfect 3-in-1.

Brunch places in Singapore | 20F Specialty Coffee

Savoury Waffles

Price: $16.00

Singapore Brunch | 20F Specialty Coffee

Truffle Fries – served with lemon mayo and chipotle sauce

Price: $12.00

Not only is 20F Specialty Coffeehouse good for their coffee, they serve a wicked iced tea too. This cup of Iced Lemongrass Tea is the perfect solution to quench your thirst on a sweltering day!

Cafes in Singapore | 20F Specialty Coffee

Iced Lemongrass Tea

Price: $7.00

20F Specialty Coffeehouse Menu

Cafes in Singapore 2015 | 20F Speciality Coffeehouse Brunch Menu

20F Specialty Coffeehouse Menu

20F Specialty Coffeehouse

Address: 20 Foch Road, Singapore 209261

Telephone Number: 6291 4940

Opening Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays: 10:00am – 10:00pm

20F Specialty Coffeehouse Facebook


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