BAKE Cheese Tart is finally in Singapore!

BAKE Cheese Tart Singapore | Ion Orchard | Yellow Display Boxes

Bake Cheese Tarts

So the wait is over. The famous BAKE Cheese Tarts are finally here in Singapore! But perhaps what’s standing between you and the delicious cheese tarts is… a 90 minutes wait time (at least). The queue starts from the event area right outside Watson’s.

[Tip: we heard that if you go just before the shop in Ion closes for the day, you might be able to get them within 10 minutes! Provided the cheese tarts are not sold out, of course.]

Queue for BAKE Cheese Tarts in Ion

Snake-like Queue at about 11 am on a PH

Queue’s not that bad, really. Given that it’s located strategically at Ion Orchard, there’s plenty of food and drinks to entertain you while you leave your friend in the queue. HAHAHA

You can take turns, y’know.

Singapore BAKE Cheese Tart | Ion Orchard | Yellow Ticket

‘Golden’ ticket to the glorious tarts

And when you finally reach the start of the queue, you’ll be ‘bestowed’ with this golden ticket… okay, yellow ticket. 90 minutes wait for this “Confirmed” ticket, so hold it tight with your life. Only then will you be ushered to the shop where you have to present the ticket to the ‘bouncer’ before you’re allowed in the shop. Each ticket allows you a total of 12 freshly baked cheese tarts. So use it wisely!

We were greeted with a faint aroma of the freshly baked cheese tarts. The smell was not too over-powering to the state of jelat or overwhelming. We watched one staff behind the counter place each tart tenderly into the paper liners and the other stacking them into a double storey box.

BAKE Cheese Tart Singapore | Ion Orchard | Cheese Tarts

One box of delicious Cheese Tarts

Once done, the staff turns the box around to present to you, your glorious purchase. Only after a nod of approval (and some photo-taking sessions) do they close the box.

The cashier then meticulously explains how to maintain the freshness of the tart before placing an info card into the bag. Such thoughtfulness only stems from the Japanese culture. We all know it’s true.

BAKE Cheese Tart Singapore | Baked to perfections

Glorious Cheese Tarts

Singapore BAKE Cheese Tart| Ion Orchard | Cheese Tarts

And we got our flying box! We are kidding, there’s an invisible hand holding it. HAHA

BAKE Cheese Tart Singapore | Ion Orchard | Cheese Tarts

All that fluffy goodness

It was a no brainer – Bake Cheese Tarts are so famous for a good reason. The cheese was so light and smooth, yet fragrant all at once, almost like the Japanese whipped cream in their crepe desserts.

The pastry was nice and crumbly without falling all over after each bite, the perfect companion to the fluffy cheese filling. Being freshly baked, each bite rendered the cheese cream freedom, as it threatened to ooze out merrily without its crumbly guards.

BAKE Cheese Tart Singapore | Ion Orchard | Cheese Tarts

*Swoons <3

Naturally, after waiting so long for my turn to purchase these glorious tarts, I chose to buy a box of 6 home. On hindsight, perhaps I should have stuck to the number I could have happily devoured at that point of utmost freshness.

BAKE Cheese Tart Singapore | Ion Orchard | Cheese Tarts

8 hours later

BAKE Cheese Tart Singapore | Ion Orchard | Cheese Tarts

Notice the difference in texture?

Had another tart 8 hours later and the cheese wasn’t as fluffy.

Still good, no doubt!!! Just not fluffy soft. I guess our weather has something to do with it.

But hey, no fret.

BAKE Cheese Tart Singapore | Ion Orchard | Cheese Tarts

Info Card

If you want the same fluffy soft cheese filling, you just have to toast it again in the oven! Or, better still, if you put it into the freezer, you can enjoy an ‘ice-cream-like’ textured filling. #thatswhattheinfocardsaid

If you’re lazy to even toast them, then I would suggest not overbuying!


The rest of the tarts are nestling in the fridge now as I type this.

They are beckoning…

BAKE Cheese Tart Singapore - Tray of Cheese Tarts

Make no mistake, they are leaving the shelves pretty quick!

They are going at:

1 for $3.50

6 for $19.50

BAKE Cheese Tart Singapore

Address: Ion Orchard, #B4-33, 2 Orchard Turn, 238801

Opening Hours:

Mondays to Sundays: 10:00am – 10:00pm (Or when sold out)

BAKE Cheese Tart Facebook Page

BAKE Cheese Tart


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