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Might not be the most accessible place, especially if you don’t stay in the East of Singapore. However, should you have time to venture, do go by Collective Brewers for their Ondeh Ondeh pancakes! It was our favourite item on the table, I must say, alongside other dishes we thought were pretty good too.

Now, if you don’t already know, ‘ondeh ondeh’ refers to a traditional ‘kueh'(akin to cake) from Malaysia. They are poached rice flour dumplings, filled with palm sugar filling and coated with coconut shavings. When you bite into them, the melted palm sugar will ooze out and delight your tastebuds. Having said that, this dish is sorta a replica of that taste, but of course no oozing palm sugar .

Cafe in Singapore | Collective Brewers

‘Ondeh Ondeh’ Pancake

These are traditional buttermilk pancakes infused with aromatic pandan and stacked on shredded coconut and melted palm sugar coating. Served with vanilla ice cream.

Price: $14

I must admit I was skeptical about ordering this dish. There are too many cafes doing fusion dishes with local dishes and typical brunch food items that didn’t exactly work out. Plus, they usually cost more.

This, however, was done great! Pandan flavour in the pancakes were significant, very fragrant yet not too sweet at the same time. Coupled with the melted palm sugar coating and the vanilla ice cream, it played a beautiful tune on my taste buds!

Since the melted palm sugar came in a separate saucer, you can put the amount that would suit your liking so that it won’t be too sweet.

A truly, brilliant dish. We love it!

Cafes in the East | Collective Brewers - Ondeh Ondeh Pancakes melted ice-creamSo much so that we kept going at it even when it looked like the above…

Brunch Places in Singapore | Collective Brewers

Salmon and Crab Cake Benedict

Salmon and crab cake, topped with two poached eggs and home made salted egg hollandaise and salad

Price: $18

This was a great dish too. Salmon and crab cake was plump and tasty at the same time. Worked well with the lovely poached egg and the hollandaise sauce, everything complemented each other on this dish. Only bad thing was one of us actually found a bone in the salmon and crab cake. I didn’t! Let’s see if you’re lucky?

Singapore Cafes | Collective Brewers

Salmon and Crab Cake Benedict Eggporn

Here’s a compulsory #eggporn shot, just to intrigue your senses more.

Collective Brewers - Grilled Truffle Mushrooms and Parmesan

Grilled Truffle Mushrooms and Parmesan

Grilled shiitake, button and enoki mushroom with white truffle oil and grated parmesan for a lovely medley of Earth flavours.

Price: $10

Was a little too salty, but it was tasty nonetheless. I couldn’t help thinking about how I could easily replicate it at home though…

Cafe had a great ambience, staff was friendly too. Seems like a great place to chill and eat while doing some weekend work.

Collective Brewers

Address: 301 Changi Rd, Singapore 419779

Tel: 9818 5314

Opening hours: Closed on Mondays

Tuesdays to Fridays 11:00 am to 10:00 pm

Saturdays and Sundays 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Collective Brewers Facebook Page

How to get there from Eunos MRT (nearest):

8 min walk (700 m)

Take station exit towards the Eunos MRT open air carpark.

Head east towards Sims Avenue, turn left onto Sims Avenue, then turn right onto Jalan Eunos. Lastly, turn left onto Changi Road and Collective Brewers will be on the left.


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