Dutch Baby Cafe – Lightest and Fluffiest Pancakes!

A quaint cafe located in the basement level of Paragon Orchard, Dutch Baby Cafe is one of the newest cafe additions in town. Dutch Baby Cafe is yet another self-developed brand from Japan Foods Holdings. Other sibling brands include Ajisen Ramen, Botejyu, Menya Musashi etc.

New Cafe in Orchard Road | Dutch Baby Cafe | Menu Cover

Wondering about the name? Did you think it was a cafe meant for babies, specifically Dutch? 😛

Or did you think it was a Dutch cafe?


No, and no.


Dutch babies actually mean german pancakes. #nowyouknow
It is a type of pancake that is shaped like a bowl and made from a light batter. Does it sound good already? Well, it looks good too!

New Cafe in Orchard | Dutch Baby Cafe |Dutch Baby Pancake with Mango

Dutch Baby Pancake with Mango: $12.80/$15.80 with Choice of Drink

Pancake dishes tend to get a little overwhelming on the stomach due to it’s density of the batter. These Dutch babies are so light and fluffy, it’s almost like an omelette! Pancake omelette… hmmm, panclette! 😀

New Cafe in Orchard | Dutch Baby Cafe |Dutch Baby Pancake with Mango

Light and fluffy ‘Panclette’ <3

It wasn’t exactly bowl-shaped, except that it’s placed in a hot cast iron pan so it deceivingly looks like it’s shaped like a bowl. HAHA Pancake items on the menu were pretty limited, with some savoury options but we noticed everyone around us helping themselves to the dessert ones only.

New Cafe in Orchard | Dutch Baby Cafe | Pancakes Menu

We jumped on the bandwagon too, of course…

New Cafe in Orchard | Dutch Baby Cafe |Dutch Baby Pancake with Mango

Generous cubes of sweet mango

And we certainly did not regret it one bit. Look at the generous serving of mango cubes!
They were really sweet as they used thai honey mangoes <3

The pancakes were so yummy, yet not taxing on the stomach that we could have easily stomached another (but we didn’t). We could have even had the pancake plain. #justsaying

New Cafe in Orchard | Dutch Baby Cafe | Baked Rice & Udon Menu

Baked Rice and Udon Menu

We were pretty enticed by the Keema Curry Cheese Baked Rice on the menu, and it came looking as appealing as we thought it would be.

New Cafe in Orchard | Dutch Baby Cafe |Keema Curry Cheese Baked Rice

Keema Curry Cheese Baked Rice: $13.80

Keema curry basically refers to minced meat curry, typically used as a filling for samosas and naan. Japanese curry tends to be on the sweeter side, and this dish somehow managed to strike a wonderful balance between both sweet and savoury.

New Cafe in Orchard | Dutch Baby Cafe |Keema Curry Cheese Baked Rice

Glorious combination of colours

Love the sous vide egg right smack in the middle of the dish, to add that golden drizzle onto the baked rice. (Refer to our ig post)

New Cafe in Orchard | Dutch Baby Cafe |Stringy Cheese Keema Curry Cheese Baked Rice

Just look at that…

Ahh, and that stringy, stretchy cheese. What’s there not to love?

New Cafe in Orchard | Dutch Baby Cafe | Emptied Dish

Every single grain of rice…gone.

Serving was just nice, not too overwhelming a curry dish for the belly.

New Cafe in Orchard | Dutch Baby Cafe |Mango and Strawberry Fruit Tart

Mango and Strawberry Fruit Tart: $7.80 per slice

We also couldn’t take our eyes off the beautiful fruit tarts on display at the entrance of the cafe. Naturally, we fell prey. Gorgeous, glorious, breath-taking, alluring; thai honey mangoes with juicy strawberries on a custard base tart. Mmmmmm.

New Cafe in Orchard | Dutch Baby Cafe | Closer Look at the Mango and Strawberry Fruit Tart

Love the tart, the juicy fruits, the light cream custard… everything!

The thing about Japanese cream products like whipped cream, custard, cream etc, is that you never feel sinful devouring it. SERIOUS! Like it always tastes light and non-fattening, but of course we know it’s totally not. But don’t forget, #lifestooshorttodiet.


Perhaps our only complaint would be that the strawberries could be a tad less sour, but that’s quickly cured with the sweet mango cubes.


Overall, we liked all three dishes we had and we would definitely be back! As it’s a cosy lil space, do be prepared to queue should you visit during the peak meal hours!

Dutch Baby Cafe Singapore

Address: The Paragon, B1-13, 290 Orchard Road, Singapore 238859

Opening Hours: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Dutch Baby Cafe Facebook

Dutch Baby Cafe Singapore Website


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