Foon’s Thai Recipe – Yummy and Affordable Thai Wanton Noodles in Old Airport Road

Even though Soi 19 is possibly the most famous/publicized Thai Wanton Noodles stall in Singapore, we prefer Foon’s Thai Recipe. It is located along the last aisle of food stalls in Old Airport Road Food Centre, nearer to the multi-storey carpark.


Cheap and Good Food in Singapore | Foon's Thai Recipe | Thai Wanton Noodles

Look at the lardddddddd

Our past visits to Soi 19 were terrible as we waited crazy long hours and there were times when our orders were forgotten. Perhaps all that wait and hassle made the noodles not as desirable as it is to everyone else.

We really prefer Foon’s Thai Recipe as the noodles are not as dry as Soi 19’s, plus their char siew (caramelized pork slices) is as tender as you can imagine, which makes it an utter pleasure to devour, along with their to-die-for pork lard bits.

Well, life’s too short to diet… right?

Cheap and Good Food in Singapore | Foon's Thai Recipe | Thai Wanton Noodles

Thai Wanton Noodles: $4/$5/$6

These eggy, stringy yellow noodes are chewy and cooked al dente. Tossed with special fish sauce, chili flakes, crushed peanut bits and of course, pork lard bits, the incredible combination of ingredients just made it all super delectable. <3

Like I mentioned earlier in this post, I like how the noodles are homogeneously moistened with the savoury sauce so I don’t have to drench the soup onto the noodles in order to mix it well. Ya know what I mean?

Cheap and Good Food in Singapore | Foon's Thai Recipe | Juicy Wantons

Generously filled wantons, juicy and delicious

Enough reason yet? Well, here’s one more. I’m sure all of us have had wantons that had miserably tiny fillings amidst the huge yellow sheet of wanton skin. Fret not! Foon’s Thai Recipe has wantons that are nowhere near tiny! Plump, juicy, worth it! 😀

Feeling adventurous? We like the other option Foon’s offers too; the Thai Wanton Spinach noodles!

Love the green, soothing emerald green springy noodles, coupled with the pretty red caramelized pork slices drenched in glistening yummy sauce. We wouldn’t say it tastes that different from the usual eggy, yellow noodles, just slightly less eggy. #HAHA #mightaswelldontsay

Cheap and Good Food in Singapore | Foon's Thai Recipe | Thai Wanton Spinach Noodles

Thai Wanton Spinach Noodles: $5/$6/$7

Right across the stall, you’ll find a sister store selling thai coconut ice cream managed by the same owners. Waan Waan Authentic Thai Coconut ice cream serves classic or jumbo bowl of ice cream with a generous number of toppings.

Desserts in Singapore | Thai Desserts | Waan Waan Authentic Thai Coconut Ice Cream | Classic Bowl

Classic bowl (1 scoop of coconut ice cream, 1 scoop of mango ice cream with chendol, red ruby, atap seed, nata de coco and roasted peanuts): $4.90

We didn’t really fancy the mango ice cream, so perhaps you can focus on the coconut ice cream instead. For some reason, we were given a few pieces of honey mango as well. Or maybe we forgot we added another topping, HAHA.

*We received feedback that they are no longer as generous with their toppings, so… you can still take a gamble if you want. 🙂

Foon’s Thai Recipe

Address: Block 51 Old Airport Road Food Centre, 51 Old Airport Rd, #01-65, 390051

Opening Hours: 09:00 am – 09:00 pm

Foon’s Thai Recipe Facebook


Waan Waan Authentic Thai Coconut Ice Cream

Address: Block 51 Old Airport Road Food Centre, 51 Old Airport Rd, #01-51, 390051

Opening Hours: 11:30 am – 09:30 pm

Waan Waan’s Authentic Thai Coconut Ice Cream Facebook


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