Ivory Coffee – The Newest Addition to the Cafes in the CBD Area

Joining the cafes in the CBD area, Ivory Coffee is a strong contender in terms of its specialty coffee. In terms of food, they do have an interesting yet specialised selection of food items as well. Don’t expect to find an extensive variety though, but good enough… we feel.

New Cafes in Singapore | Ivory Coffee

It was really easy getting to Ivory Coffee with Google Maps. It is conveniently located by the road side. Just look out for the striking green signboard of Aayisha Briyani House and it will be the restaurant right next to it.

Cafes in Singapore | Ivory Coffee

Coffee Counter

Apologies for the lack of the shopfront picture, we were merely too excited to devour the food. But before we go into food, let’s talk about their coffee.

Ivory Coffee uses their own special Ivory Coffee blend – a mixture of Ethiopian Sidamo, Brazil Yellow Bourbon and Sumatra beans.

Cafes in CBD Singapore | Ivory Coffee | Flat White

Flat White: $5

Coffee carries a fragrant tinge of caramel and cocoa, very addictive. Photograph not quite doing its Ivory blend coffee justice!

New Cafes in CBD Singapore | Ivory Coffee

Matcha Latte: $5.50

And here’s our cup of Matcha latte with a cute bear coffee art on it.

The matcha taste was ‘gao’ (thick) enough and we loved it!

Cafes in CBD Singapore | Ivory Coffee

Ivory Coffee Brunch and Main Courses menu

Moving onto food… here’s their menu for brunch items and main courses. Was particularly drawn to the Beer Bacon Mac & Cheese and it definitely didn’t disappoint!

Cafes in CBD Singapore | Ivory Coffee

Beer Bacon Mac & Cheese: $14.00

Even if you’re not a fan of beer, and by saying that you can probably tell that most of us aren’t, it really wasn’t an issue at all. Our first bite filled with skepticism, was totally unfounded!

The thing about this dish is the alcohol content has probably evaporated off during its cooking, leaving just a slight tinge of the beer bitterness, which goes really well with the salty, savoury and fragrant bacon and cheese taste on the elbow macaroni.

New Cafes in CBD Singapore | Ivory Coffee

Close up of the Beer Bacon Mac & Cheese

Don’t know what we are talking about? Try it for yourself. :p

Perhaps our only complaint is that it’s a tad on the oily side, good for communal sharing!

New Cafes in CBD Singapore | Ivory Coffee

Ivory Coffee Tapas Menu

New Cafes in CBD Singapore | Ivory Coffee

Salted Egg Chicken Bites: $8.00

We are/were pretty sure you would have expected us to order at least one of the salted egg chicken dishes, and we did. Truth be told, we were unsure about placing it on a waffle, so we ordered the tapas version.

Chicken was tender, and the taste of the salted egg was well-infused. Topped with a tinge of spiciness as it was fried with bits of chili padi, it was a great dish to savour.

New Cafes in CBD Singapore | Ivory Coffee

Herb Crusted Salmon: $15.50

Next up, the salmon. The herb crusted part was awesome, and the salmon was cooked well. Pity the portion of this dish was too small for us though. Perhaps the bird eaters might find this appropriately sized?

New Cafes in CBD Singapore | Ivory Coffee

Slow Roasted Pork Belly: $15.50

Just keep staring at the thick layers of fat and meat layered in each slice of pork belly. It was good, and it’s definitely a sinful indulgence. Not for the faint-hearted of course.

New Cafes in CBD Singapore | Ivory Coffee

Poached Egg Bacon Waffle: $10.00

Decided to try our luck with this dish and it was mehhh.

The hollandaise sauce was too clumpy and thick, bacon was not crispy but more to the soft side (perhaps they chose the leaner bacon streaks?), and the worst part was that the waffles were soft and limp too.

The idea of this combination could have been better executed with waffles that’s crispy on the outside to be able to support all this messy ingredients on top of it. Perhaps the only redeeming factor of this dish was the egg… Oh, pity pity.

In retrospect, it was a good thing we had the salted egg chicken tapas instead of it with the waffle.

New Cafes in CBD Singapore | Ivory Coffee

Fries Galore

We ordered some yummilicious fries too.

New Cafes in CBD Singapore | Ivory Coffee

Truffle Fries: $9.00

New Cafes in CBD Singapore | Ivory Coffee

Cheese Fries: $8.00

Here’s a close up of the oozy, finger-licking good cheese fries.

Fried to perfection, and we couldn’t stop going at the two bowls of fries.<3

For sharing or not, you decide!

(Just because we can’t promise you won’t hog the bowl to yourself…)

Cafes in Singapore | Ivory Coffee

Ivory Iced Tea: $6.50 & Earl Grey Iced Tea: $6.00

Last but not least, they had delicious tasting iced teas too. Really refreshing for the sweltering heat these days!

In totality, I would go back to Ivory Coffee for, obviously, its coffee and iced teas. And perhaps for the beer bacon mac & cheese (since it’s not a common dish I can enjoy everywhere) and their fries! We were there on a public holiday, and it was rather quiet a place, perfect for a gathering with friends for a catch-up and/or binging session.

Ivory Coffee

Address: 10 North Canal Road, Singapore 048823

Telephone Number: 6532 0341

Opening Hours:

Mondays to Sundays: 9:00 am – 8:00pm

Ivory Coffee Facebook Page


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