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Mr Churro is the reason we started loving churros. We’ve tried the churros in Seoul prepared by Mr Churro himself and we dare say that the franchise in Singapore has lived up to its good name! So, if you are stuck in Singapore and looking for good churros, you definitely have to head down to Ion and give this Korean franchise a try.

What to eat 2016 | Mr Churro

Nutty Churro

Back in 2013, we embarked on our first trip to Seoul, Korea. As our lodging was in Hongdae (Hong Ik University station), our first street walk brought us to a humble lil booth selling churros. The owner was an ernest man with an infectious smile on his face, who seemed to speak minimal English (then).

On the board outside his booth were the words, “A Love Story”. We didn’t probe due to our preconceived language barrier. Instead, we decided to video him preparing our churros since it was an open kitchen concept.

As you can see from the video, we were taking the process of his churros-making and he actually stopped to pose. How cute! His churros came in a generous serving and it was really affordable! 45 cm long churros for just 2,000 won (S$2.40)! Mr Churro in Korea 2013 Poster

We were definitely not expecting to find mind-blowing churros in Seoul (given that this was a Spanish snack)… but we were quickly proven wrong the moment we sank our teeth into the piping hot, miraculous piece of snack that gave us sweet dreams that night.

Few months later, we were back in Seoul on another vacation. And of course we simply had to go back to Mr Churro for our churros fix. This time, we realised that the owner of the Mr. Churro, Mr Jungwoo Hong, could actually speak Mandarin!

Relieved that we had broken down the communication barrier, we found out that he had a girlfriend in Singapore and that he started selling churros to save up money for the wedding! How lovely.

We told him his churros was the best that we had ever tasted and that he should set up one in Singapore (we really lacked good churros then). He humbly said when he’s saved enough, he would. We laughed heartily and even took a wefie to commemorate that moment.

Singapore Mr Churro in Korea 2013

Mr Churro in Korea

So just imagine the surprise and delight we had when we realised that Mr Churro was about to open a store in Ion Orchard two years later! We did a quick search immediately and realised his delicious churros became a big hit and he had opened multiple stores in Korea. Of course, the man himself had married the lady of his dreams and was now a proud father! What a great success story, founded by love.

Mr Churro Singapore |Mascot

Mr Churro – Ion Orchard [update: Mr Churro Singapore has opened another branch in Tampines Mall]

New 2015 | Mr Churro Singapore | Ion Orchard Signboard

Mr Churro Singapore

On the day of the soft launch, we headed down to Orchard, wondering if the churros tasted the same. Lo and behold, it tasted exactly like how we remembered, if not even better! There was just something about the dough that is so chewy and so addictive, yet not too sinful at the same time. And it is 50 cm now, even longer than before!

Mr Churros Singapore | Churros

Churros with ice-cream

It has only opened for about two weeks and we have had it several times already.

Mr Churro Singapore |Yummy Churros with Dip

Churros with dip

Churros with Dip (Choice of Chocolate, Blueberry or Milk Custard)

Price: $5

Very generous serving of a 50 cm churro cut up into pieces. Dipped into the creamy, yet not too sweet, dark chocolate sauce. Ahhh, this is how heaven tastes like.

Mr Churro Singapore | Churros with Ice Cream

Ice Cream Churro

Ice Cream Churro (Choice of Banana milk or Vanilla flavoured ice cream)

Price: $6.50

You would think that placing something fried into ice cream sounds slightly gross, but hey it wasn’t at all. In fact, it tasted so good together it was incredible. Perhaps I would try the banana milk flavour next!

Popular Korea Churro | Mr Churro SG

Nutty Churro

Price: $5.90

Groupon Promotion: $12 voucher @ $7.20 only and $28 voucher @ $16.80! You’re welcome!

One can never get enough of yummy churros! Congratulations Mr Hong! Thank you for restoring our faith in churros.

Perhaps we will get to see you again someday.

Mr Churro Singapore

Address: Ion Orchard #B4-61 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801

Opening Hours: 

10:00am – 10:00pm daily

Address: #B1-K16 Tampines Mall, Singapore 529510

Mr Churro Singapore Facebook Page


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