Old Hen Coffee Bar – Best Cold Brew Coffee in Singapore

Located opposite one of our favourite waffles place – The Cold Pantry, Old Hen Coffee Bar is a cosy little setting for some good coffee and food. Despite it being a coffee bar, it has more food items than you would have expected. But! Our focus today is not on the food, but on the awesomely good bottled coffee.

Cafes in Singapore | Old Hen Coffee Bar

Cold Brew Coffee – Creamy White

Price: $6.50

Cafes in Singapore | Old Hen Coffee Bar

Creamy White Cold Brew Coffee

There’s something about these bottled Old Hen signature coffee drinks… you can’t stop thinking about it once you’ve had your first sip! Placed in unsuspecting dark glass bottles, we have no idea what kinda sorcery went into the making. Okay, we do… it’s the Kenya coffee beans and the ratio of milk that went into it that didn’t make it too ‘jelat'(overwhelming) for our tastebuds. Even if you are not a fan of coffee, you might still fall in love with this bottles of love.

But of course, if you’re allergic to coffee, whether self-proclaimed or not, not to worry!

Cafes in Singapore | Old Hen Coffee Bar

Valrhona Dark Cocoa Orange

They also have their very own chocolate cold brew! From time to time, they also do have festive flavours. For this year’s CNY, they introduced the Valrhona Dark Cocoa Orange. To be honest, we didn’t think much of it when we heard the name. But when we tried it, it came as a pleasant surprise! The orange and the velvety chocolate taste worked really well together.

Cafes in Singapore | Old Hen Coffee Bar

White Cold Brews and the new Valrhona Dark Cocoa Orange

Perhaps all that gushing about their bottled drinks is starting to bore you, so here’s a little digression!

Their Ondeh Ondeh cake is definitely worth a try as well. Ondeh Ondeh is actually boiled rice cake, stuffed with liquid gula jawa (coconut palm sugar) and rolled in grated coconut. The Ondeh Ondeh cake from Old Hen was a refreshing dessert choice! The pandan-flavoured cake was not too moist, but coupled with the rich, flavourful coconut palm sugar cream, it was perfect! Plus, it is topped with some coconut shavings to complete the Ondeh Ondeh taste. Might not be the prettiest cake in photographs, but hey, don’t judge a book by its cover right?

Cafes in Singapore | Old Hen Coffee Bar

Ondeh Ondeh Cake


Old Hen Coffee Bar

Address: 88 Rangoon Road, #01-03, Singapore 218374

Telephone Number: 6341 5458

Opening Hours:

Mondays: 12:00pm – 10:00pm

Wednesdays to Fridays: 12:00pm – 10:00pm

Saturdays: 10:00am – 6:30pm

Sundays: 10:00am – 10:00pm

Old Hen Coffee Facebook Page

Old Hen Coffee Website


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