Sunday Folks

When it comes to ice-cream and waffles, Sunday Folks is one of the more mentioned and raved about dessert places in Singapore. It is also notorious for it’s long queues and service.

Desserts in Singapore | Sunday Folks waffle with ice-cream

Since then, we’ve been there 3 times. Not because the dessert was screaming “Come Back!” but we were trying to understand what the big hoo-ha was about. Everyone seems to love their waffles. But is it because it’s really good or because it looks oh-so-pretty stacked up on top of each other with a pretty soft serve on it. While they do have very creamy soft serves, but we just weren’t blown away by their Earl Grey Lavender and Dark Chocolate flavours. Read on. . .

Montana Singapore

We popped by PoMo recently to try out the much raved about waffles at Montana Singapore. Had quite a hard time locating the cafe based on the address provided online and on PoMo’s store directory. Alas! They had moved!

After circling level 1 twice, we caught glimpse of the signage on the second floor. What luck! They had just reopened a day before. Thank goodness the trip was not in vain. Read on. . .

The Cold Pantry

Chanced upon The Cold Pantry whilst we were at Rangoon Road just the other day. As usual, we are always on a quest to find the best waffles in Singapore so we just had to give this dessert place a try.

Singapore Dessert | The Cold Pantry Cafe

As we walked into the shop, we were greeted with a long passage way lined with tables and chairs at the sides. At the end of the passage way, there is a luscious green wall with the striking yellow word “Cold Pantry” written on it, I suppose it’s meant for selfie/wefie/food-fie/whatever-fie you can think of, which is actually a brilliant idea! Read on. . .

Bread Yard Singapore

If you don’t already know, we’re big fans of waffles and pancakes. So we are always on the lookout for good waffles/pancakes in Singapore. Featured a really delicious looking pancake on instagram one day and told ourselves that we had to check it out.

The cafe was located at some corner on the outside of Galaxis. Place was simplistic and quiet the Saturday afternoon we were there. Read on. . .

23 Jumpin’

The Commerce @ Irving is a new building in the Tai Seng area where quaint cafes have been popping up. Heard about 23 Jumpin’ and decided to go check it out on a weekday night.

Singapore Cafe | 23 Jumpin

Creamy Mushroom and Bacon Pasta

High quality white buttons, bacon, topped with grated parmesan cheese

Price: $12

Pasta serving was just nice, amidst all the cheese and creamy goodness, so it was not too overwhelming. Wouldn’t say it was a fantastic dish, but good enough for its price. Read on. . .

Sun Ray Cafe

Located along the stretch of shops at Brighton Crescent, this cafe looks pretty mysterious from the outside as the glass is tinted pretty dark. Once you open the door, you will be greeted by a pleasantly bright and nicely-furnished cafe. Well, they did say don’t judge a book by its cover. 😛 Read on. . .

Wimbly Lu Chocolates – Best Brunch & Waffles

Wimbly Lu is one cafe that serves the best eggs benedict and waffles in Singapore at an affordable price! On our first visit, we prepared ourselves for a not-too-fantastic service due to the overwhelming crowd. Boy, were we wrong! Despite the place being packed, the service staff were still all smiles and attentive. IOHO, the way a service staff treats you depicts how much pride they have for the establishment that they are a part of. This in turn, shows how much effort they put into preparing your food and drinks as well. Read on. . .