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Tai Cheong Bakery & Cafe

A couple of months ago, we were just blogging about the arrival of Tai Cheong Bakery in Singapore.

Tai Cheong Bakery and Cafe Singapore | Holland Village

Tai Cheong Bakery in Holland Village

I am sure many of you would have known by now, that they are here to stay! Yay!

You could probably imagine our wide-eyed salivating faces waiting eagerly in line for the delicious egg tarts once again. Here’s the thing, it’s even better now because they serve Hong Kong cafe food, on top of the nomnom egg tarts. We don’t know about you but there’s just something about (authentic) Hong Kong cafes and its lovely, lovely food… Read on. . .

Dessert Project Cafe Singapore

Dessert Project’s Nutella Toast, just two minutes away from the famous Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh @ Havelock Road was the first place we thought of on a hot Sunday afternoon. Facing the road, place was easy to spot. We got ourselves the Nutella Thick Toast, Lemon Mint Crush ice-cream cone and Thai Iced Tea ice-cream cone for starters. Read on. . .

The Refinery Singapore

Singapore Cafe | The Refinery Panoramic

The Refinery Singapore

The Refinery is located along King George’s Avenue, and it is not exactly the easiest place to find if you don’t drive. But hey, it’s a mere 7 minutes walk from Lavendar MRT. You just need to figure out exactly how! (Directions at the end of the post, you’re welcome!) Read on. . .

Artistry Singapore

Artistry has always been the first cafe to come into our minds when we are in the Bugis area looking for brunch or dessert places. About a four minutes walk from the famous shopping street, Haji Lane, Artistry Cafe never fails to disappoint with their dessert items, if they don’t run out, that is. Read on. . .

The Cold Pantry

Chanced upon The Cold Pantry whilst we were at Rangoon Road just the other day. As usual, we are always on a quest to find the best waffles in Singapore so we just had to give this dessert place a try.

Singapore Dessert | The Cold Pantry Cafe

As we walked into the shop, we were greeted with a long passage way lined with tables and chairs at the sides. At the end of the passage way, there is a luscious green wall with the striking yellow word “Cold Pantry” written on it, I suppose it’s meant for selfie/wefie/food-fie/whatever-fie you can think of, which is actually a brilliant idea! Read on. . .