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Tai Cheong Bakery & Cafe

This post was first published in 2016.

A couple of months ago in 2016, we were just blogging about the arrival of Tai Cheong Bakery in Singapore.


Tai Cheong Bakery and Cafe Singapore | Holland Village

Tai Cheong Bakery in Holland Village

I am sure many of you would have known by now, that they are here to stay! Yay!

You could probably imagine our wide-eyed salivating faces waiting eagerly in line for the delicious egg tarts once again. Here’s the thing, it’s even better now because they serve Hong Kong cafe food, on top of the nomnom egg tarts. We don’t know about you but there’s just something about (authentic) Hong Kong cafes and its lovely, lovely food… Read on. . .

Honolulu Cafe Singapore – Disappointing Egg Tarts

Honolulu Cafe has jumped onto the bandwagon setting up a store in Singapore, fueling the Hong Kong egg tarts craze. It is said that the famous egg tarts contains 192 layers of flaky crust and gets sold out by noon. Let’s see if this is worth the queue..Hong Kong Cafes in Singapore | Honolulu Cafe Singapore | Shopfront

Woke up bright and early as we anticipated a queue on a Sunday morning. Reached Centrepoint at 10.10 am and there were already a few people in line.

Hong Kong Cafes in Singapore | Honolulu Cafe Singapore | Queue at 10 am

Queue at 10.10 am

Not bad at all.

At about 10.50 am, this was the queue. (Honolulu Cafe in Singapore starts operations at 11 am.)

Hong Kong Cafes in Singapore | Honolulu Cafe Singapore | Queue at 10.50 am

Queue at 10.50 am

In no time, we were greeted by a waiter at the entrance, taking our orders as we selected our food items from a flimsy menu shaped like an egg-tart.

Overzealous as we were, we ordered quite abit of food.

Honolulu Cafe Singapore | Flaky Egg Tarts

Flaky Egg Tarts: $1.70 each

Of course, the famous egg tarts were a must. As the poster says, it has 192 layers of flaky crust. Did someone really count? How do we know it’s really 192? Does 192 layers make it yummier?


Hong Kong Cafes in Singapore | Honolulu Cafe Singapore | Maximum 3 Egg Tarts Per Person

Maximum 3 Egg Tarts Per Person

As the poster says, the purchase of these egg tarts are also limited to dine-in customers only.

Honolulu Cafe Singapore - 1 Flaky Egg Tart

Cross Section: Nomz eggy filling (boing boing)

Turns out, it wasn’t as yummy as we thought it would be. The eggy filling was pretty nomz, but the crust was… alright. Would we queue an hour again for this? Sadly, nope.

Tai Cheong Egg Tarts, anytime.

Hong Kong Cafes in Singapore | Honolulu Cafe Singapore | Chicken Wings With Swiss Sauce

Chicken Wings With Swiss Sauce: $6 for 4 mid-joint wings

It was an instagram-worthy dish no doubt, but sad to say, it fell short of its looks.

Swiss sauce was pretty okay… but the wings weren’t the freshest. Quite frankly, $6 for 4 wings… was not worth it. Perhaps if it were yummy, it would have been a different story. Bah!

Hong Kong Cafes in Singapore | Honolulu Cafe Singapore | Plain Pineapple Bun and Egg Tarts

Plain Pineapple Bun: $1.50

Somehow ours didn’t come with a slab of butter, it was plain… Looking back on the menu, I think we had to ask for the butter. SOBS

Plain, dry pineapple bun is just sad no matter how soft the bun is. (We miss Hong Kong, sobs)

In Hong Kong, scrambled eggs in Cha Chan Tengs are always insanely delicious. Initially, we thought it was only at the famous Australian Dairy Company, then we had another round of scrambled eggs at Tsui Wah and it was yums. So, bearing that in mind, we ordered one serving of scrambled eggs at Honolulu Cafe too.

Hong Kong Cafes in Singapore | Honolulu Cafe Singapore | Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs: $2


I cook better eggs please.

Hong Kong Cafes in Singapore | Honolulu Cafe Singapore | Macaroni Soup with Pork Chop

Macaroni with Pork Chop: $5

This was a decent bowl of comfort food. One of the better ones out of the lot…

We suspect they added butter into the soup so it tasted buttery/creamy. But it’s okay, you can pretend you didn’t read that. #lifestooshorttodietremember?

Hong Kong Cafes in Singapore | Honolulu Cafe Singapore | Tender Pork Chop

Tender pork chop, nomnom.

Pork chop was pretty tender, perhaps the closest to the texture of pork chop we can find in Hong Kong. #welikey

Hong Kong Cafes in Singapore | Honolulu Cafe Singapore | Luncheon Meat with Egg Sandwich

Luncheon Meat and Egg Sandwich: $3.50 for 2 (basically 2 slices of our Gardenia bread, then cut into rectangular sandwiches)

Luncheon Meat and Egg Sandwich: $3.50 for 2

Reminiscing on the soft and fluffy bread sandwiches in Hong Kong, we couldn’t help but order this.

Was probably one of the better-tasting items at the cafe, luncheon meat can rarely go wrong…right?

Hong Kong Cafes in Singapore | Honolulu Cafe Singapore | Our Order Receipt

Order Receipt

We actually asked for a portion for two ($3.50), but the server gave us two sets of the double portion ($3.50 x 2 = $7 -.-). Basically, we were carb-full by the end of the meal. If only we had scrutinised the bill earlier. #ourbad

Hong Kong Cafes in Singapore | Honolulu Cafe Singapore | Watercress Honey Drink

Watercress Honey Drink: $3.20 (Cold) $3 for Hot!

Speaking of order screw-ups, we also ordered the Watercress Honey drink, which was actually one of our favourite drinks to order in Cha Chan Tengs. And the server gave us Iced lemon tea. When we brought it up to her attention, she told us we ordered wrongly… when the drink item number is clearly H8.

Hong Kong Cafes in Singapore | Honolulu Cafe Singapore | Drink Menu

Honolulu Drink Menu

Zzzz. Then she motioned for another colleague to come over, and repeated that we ordered wrong. IT’S YOU, NOT US. Seriously. #needtoworkonservice

But the drink is nice and refreshing so we felt a tad better after that. AND, I like my Yuan Yang drink 😀

Hong Kong Cafes in Singapore | Honolulu Cafe Singapore | Yuan Yang Drink

Yuan Yang: $3.50 ($3.30 for hot!)

In retrospect, the service in Hong Kong eateries have always been known to be… not good. Rude servers, grumpy cashiers. I guess that particular server has lived up to its name.

Rest of the servers were pretty okay though. #tobefair

But you know how they always say one mistake is enough to ruin an impression.

Sorry Honolulu Cafe, we ain’t coming back anytime soon.

But we are hoping for you that things will get better as time goes by. #wehavefaithinyou

Honolulu Cafe Singapore

Address: The Centrepoint, #01-33F, 176 Orchard Road, Singapore 238843

Opening Hours: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

Honolulu Cafe Singapore Facebook


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