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Dessert Project Cafe Singapore

Dessert Project’s Nutella Toast, just two minutes away from the famous Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh @ Havelock Road was the first place we thought of on a hot Sunday afternoon. Facing the road, place was easy to spot. We got ourselves the Nutella Thick Toast, Lemon Mint Crush ice-cream cone and Thai Iced Tea ice-cream cone for starters. Read on. . .

The Cold Pantry

Chanced upon The Cold Pantry whilst we were at Rangoon Road just the other day. As usual, we are always on a quest to find the best waffles in Singapore so we just had to give this dessert place a try.

Singapore Dessert | The Cold Pantry Cafe

As we walked into the shop, we were greeted with a long passage way lined with tables and chairs at the sides. At the end of the passage way, there is a luscious green wall with the striking yellow word “Cold Pantry” written on it, I suppose it’s meant for selfie/wefie/food-fie/whatever-fie you can think of, which is actually a brilliant idea! Read on. . .