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Dutch Baby Cafe – Lightest and Fluffiest Pancakes!

A quaint cafe located in the basement level of Paragon Orchard, Dutch Baby Cafe is one of the newest cafe additions in town. Dutch Baby Cafe is yet another self-developed brand from Japan Foods Holdings. Other sibling brands include Ajisen Ramen, Botejyu, Menya Musashi etc.

New Cafe in Orchard Road | Dutch Baby Cafe | Menu Cover

Wondering about the name? Did you think it was a cafe meant for babies, specifically Dutch? 😛 Read on. . .

Mr Churro Singapore – delicious Korean churros

Mr Churro is the reason we started loving churros. We’ve tried the churros in Seoul prepared by Mr Churro himself and we dare say that the franchise in Singapore has lived up to its good name! So, if you are stuck in Singapore and looking for good churros, you definitely have to head down to Ion and give this Korean franchise a try. Read on. . .

Plain Vanilla Bakery

Never been a fan of cupcakes. Probably cause we’ve never found one that was worth the calories.

We were exploring the Tiong Bahru area after our usual brunch when a rustic yet elegant exterior called out to us. There it was, Plain Vanilla Bakery.Singapore Cafe | Plain Vanilla

We were greeted by rows and rows of beautiful cupcakes and assorted cakes. We thought, perhaps this could be where our faith in cupcakes will be restored. Read on. . .

Chir Chir Singapore – Famous Fried Chicken from Korea

Did you know? Chir Chir is actually pronounced as ‘Chee-ray Chee-ray’, and not ‘Chur Chur’ like most people would.

Singapore Restaurants | Chir Chir Singapore

Table Mat

Korean Fried Chicken chains have hit Singapore for quite awhile already. So we decided to check Chir Chir out. We went on a weekday afternoon to avoid the queue. Read on. . .