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Honolulu Cafe Singapore – Disappointing Egg Tarts

Honolulu Cafe has jumped onto the bandwagon setting up a store in Singapore, fueling the Hong Kong egg tarts craze. It is said that the famous egg tarts contains 192 layers of flaky crust and gets sold out by noon. Let’s see if this is worth the queue..Hong Kong Cafes in Singapore | Honolulu Cafe Singapore | Shopfront

Woke up bright and early as we anticipated a queue on a Sunday morning. Reached Centrepoint at 10.10 am and there were already a few people in line. Read on. . .

Chir Chir Singapore – Famous Fried Chicken from Korea

Did you know? Chir Chir is actually pronounced as ‘Chee-ray Chee-ray’, and not ‘Chur Chur’ like most people would.

Singapore Restaurants | Chir Chir Singapore

Table Mat

Korean Fried Chicken chains have hit Singapore for quite awhile already. So we decided to check Chir Chir out. We went on a weekday afternoon to avoid the queue. Read on. . .