The Cold Pantry

Chanced upon The Cold Pantry whilst we were at Rangoon Road just the other day. As usual, we are always on a quest to find the best waffles in Singapore so we just had to give this dessert place a try.

Singapore Dessert | The Cold Pantry Cafe

As we walked into the shop, we were greeted with a long passage way lined with tables and chairs at the sides. At the end of the passage way, there is a luscious green wall with the striking yellow word “Cold Pantry” written on it, I suppose it’s meant for selfie/wefie/food-fie/whatever-fie you can think of, which is actually a brilliant idea!

Waffles in Singapore | Cold Pantry

Rangoon Road | The Cold Pantry Grass Wall

There is a log bench that you can sit on too, for whatever reasons.

Dessert in Singapore | The Cold Pantry

Chocolate Rootbeer Waffle

This is their specialty; Chocolate Root Beer Waffle, served with charcoal vanilla ice cream, drizzled with home made root beer sauce.

Price: $12.50

Mmmmm, I can’t even begin to describe the impeccable taste.

Let’s see… if brownies and waffles were to have a kid, this would be it! Waffles was denser than most waffles you typically have, akin to a cake-like texture, and it really appealed to the taste buds! The charcoal vanilla ice cream was really good too, and it really went well with the home made root beer sauce and the brownie-like waffle.

Wouldn’t say that it’s the best waffles ever, given that it has unique differences, but great dessert item you have to try for yourself! And I just had to add another photo of it.

The Cold Pantry Waffles| Chocolate Rootbeer Waffle

Went on a Friday night after dinner, and it was pretty quiet. Great for chilling out with friends while enjoying a plate of dessert, uninterrupted. It was also a pretty good place to take photos/selfies etc as prior mentioned.

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The Cold Pantry

Address: 131 Rangoon Rd, 218409

Opening Hours: Closed on Tuesdays

Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 12 noon – 9:00 pm

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, 12 noon to 10:00 pm

The Cold Pantry Facebook Page

How to get there from Farrer Park MRT (nearest):

Take the exit towards Rangoon Road and you should see BakerZin on the ground floor of Hotel & Conference Centre. Head northeast towards Rangoon Road and turn left after 400 metres, Farrer Square should be on your right before you turn. After you turn into Rangoon Road, The Cold Pantry will be on your right!


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