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Whoever said good food cannot be cheap and affordable… has obviously never tried Truly Test Kitchen. Despite being located in the Industrial Estate at Kampong Ampat, between MacPherson and Aljunied Road (ulu in other words), this modern coffee shop has proven themselves, drawing customers from all walks of life.

(Literally… see the auntie walking towards you?)

Food Hidden Treasures in Singapore | Truly Test Kitchen | Coffee Shop

Spot the curry rice feast in the foreground

I’m not gonna lie – the place is not exactly the most accessible and definitely not the regular hipster cafe with fancy decor nor air-conditioning. It took us awhile to find the lift even!

Food Hidden Treasures in Singapore | Junjie Industrial Building

Hidden Orange Cargo Lift

And as we made our way up to the coffee shop, we kinda questioned if this was worth the scorching 12 pm afternoon heat and getting into eerie cargo lifts… but we soon found out!


There are three stalls at Truly Test Kitchen; the Homemade meatball porridge, Truly Western (food) and Curry Rice. Each of the stalls specialises in different areas as you can easily tell from their names.

Food Hidden Treasures in Singapore | Truly Test Kitchen

Truly Western Stall

Food Hidden Treasures in Singapore | Truly Test Kitchen

Curry Rice Stall

Food Hidden Treasures in Singapore | Truly Test Kitchen

Homemade Meatball Porridge Stall (Seriously, dude?)

Whilst ordering our food, we overheard one of the bosses talking to one of his staff about how service doesn’t just solely mean getting the food to the customer and blah. He sounded really passionate about what he was doing.

How many of us can say that about our jobs?

Food Hidden Treasures in Singapore | Truly Test Kitchen

Curry Chicken Chop Noodle: $3.50

Truly enough (see what we did there), the curry noodles not only looked and smelled good, the taste was exceptional, different from your regular curry noodles sold everywhere else. If passion and love could be tasted, this would be it. <3

Cheap and Good Food in Singapore | Junjie Industrial Building | Homely Noodles Menu

Homely Noodles Customisation Menu

You have the autonomy to choose the type of noodle, type of soup and type of meat you’d want with your noodles, and I think that is a very good idea. (Especially for picky eaters like us)

Cheap and Good Food in Singapore | Truly Test Kitchen | Homely Noodles

Springy maggi mee, succulent and juicy chicken chop, fresh cabbage soaking in the essence of the fragrant curry. Need we say more?

We chose maggi mee with curry and chicken meat. The curry was very fragrant and there was this tinge of assam-like taste to it, making the dish very addictive. Now, it makes us wonder what the assam soup base would taste like. We have always thought of curry noodles as a very oily and unhealthy dish, but this did not make us feel like that at all! Oil, yes, definitely there would be, but it was surprisingly little. No idea what kind of sorcery went into this dish, but we were super satisfied. We could tell that careful thought was also put into the presentation, something that we would not expect much in a coffee shop.

Disclaimer: Food came in a huge bowl that pretty much left our mouths agape when it arrived at our table. Good things food are meant to be shared!

Cheap and Good Food in Singapore | Truly Test Kitchen Singapore | Truly Western

Truly Western; Chicken and Waffle

For the many of you who loves prawn paste chicken, Truly Kitchen has adapted it in their Chicken Waffles and I swear it can give Clinton Street Baking Company’s Chicken and Waffles a run for their money.

Their waffles were nice and fluffy, topped with the chicken that came in the right proportion (not too big and not too small), and it came with a side of fries too!

Cheap and Good Food in Singapore |Truly Test Kitchen | Truly Western | Chicken and Waffle

Chicken and Waffle (with fries): Only $4.50

The best part? The dish costs $4.50 ONLY – a fraction of what most hipster cafes charge and it tastes so much better than what we’ve tried! It might not even be enough for a cup of coffee in some cafes.

Why didn’t we visit this place sooner, pffft. 

We were so full from the dishes that we couldn’t order anything more, which is a pity. But hey, we will most definitely be back, armed with portable fans and cool thoughts as well of course!

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Truly Test Kitchen

Address: 153 Kampong Ampat, Junjie Industrial Building #07-05, Singapore 368326

Opening Hours:

Mondays to Saturdays: 7:00am – 2:30pm

Truly Test Kitchen Facebook Page


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